The Bankers in Cahoots from the start ( Tan EUJIN ACCOMPLICES)


INVESTMENT SCAM ( Read more here…. UK most recognized legal scam forum with council )


AS POST EARLIER AND GETTING AS MUCH TO TELL THE VIEWERS AND CONCERNED PARTIES , today post will be the bankers and bank involved in this transactions.The Bankers in Cahoots from the start ( Tan EUJIN ACCOMPLICES)

As I have parcel all my documents in the respective report for the relevant parties and authorities like UOB , Hang Seng Bank , Citibank and all relevant  bank involve in this money laundry activities.MONEY SCAM

The Involved Bankers:


With the fraud on forged banking statements of the both husband and wife team to have the offshore company – Goodwater International Holdings Limited to open a premium account .

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Evidence of Money Transfer




The Scam Parthers and Accomplices ?

Justin, known as (The Broker) approached and met up with me in Yr. 2016 July in Shenzhen, when I was looking for an investor to invest in my company for expansion.


He introduced a company namely  Goodwater International Holdings Limited link, which is also the parent company for the Singapore Company (The Goodwater Company Pte Limited, which is Corporate Social Responsible Environmental philanthropist doing CSR Programme). ( )

Goodwater International Holdings Limited and the Goodwater Company Pte. Ltd namely  TAN EUJIN (THE MASTERMIND), who happens to be the son- in- law of Singapore-listed Ban Leong Holdings (WILLIAM TENG, the father of TENG SU PING, who is his wife). He introduced Tan Eujin to me. Tan Eujin also said that LOI WIN YEN (owner of C&P Car Rental, son of LOI KAI MENG and brother of LOI POK YEN of Singapore-listed CWT) is his good shareholder and partner in the company and all his joint venture business.


















He also proclaimed most of the renowned Singapore “family offices” like PERFORMANCE MOTORS – HENRY TAN BOON HEE Performance, LOCK+STORE HELEN NG and BRYAN ANG and many reputable bankers  like Credit Suisse AG , Goldman Sach , United Oversea Bank , Standard Chartered Bank , HSBC and Hang Seng Bank are his anchor supporters for his investment projects and funding. They are in business for many years. They are also cornerstone shareholders of his platform. They are always looking for company in investing in company for returns of investments.

With all these reinsurance of the wealthy people as his associates , partners and shareholders , the get to know put my guard down.

The Scam Proceeding and Action leadings

Continued from yesterday post blog , I would be posting all the different scam forum link for all in the world to be alerted tomorrow for necessary parties and the press kit accordingly for all the good media to assistances . Please kindly look for tomorrow excitement on concrete evidence of bank officer in cahoot and money launder activities in actions.

Cont’d – I kept an open and anxious anticipation of the approved fund from 5M to arrive. In the end, they said that due to some process and paper work constraint, they can only invest in partial like 2.5m USD first. I agree with no choice.


The wait is like 2 months, even when the IOU and PG plus all the documents said is for 15 days. Justin reassured me repeatedly that Tan Eujin and Luis Bojing, the CEO of Goodwater International Holdings Limited scam news has cash money (USD) in a security vault. As this fund need to be of legitimate paper , they are operating a trade invoice via a company called Tyton Limited. As the wait is too long and I have been paying interest to the bank , I told Justin on the 10 Dec that I quit. Please ask Mr. Tan Eujin to return my USD100,000 accordingly . I cannot afford the wait. Justin claimed that Mr. Tan is travelling all over the world for work and he will process once he settles down.About the Scam ( con’td of last post )


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On the 18th December 2016, I have gone to the premises of Tan Eujin home to look for him. A woman said that he will be back to tonight. We waited in Singapore for a week. Finding out as much as possible, I realized that the family lives lavishly in town area and drives a Porsche Cayenne. Tan Eujin’s daughter, Megan Tan, studies in renowned school not far from his house.Tan Eujin

I decided to confront Justin. During my confrontation, I believe I am scammed or cheated. Justin surrender me all the phone and computer to prove his innocence and that TAN EUJIN is not replying him at all. Claiming Tan Eujin is on the run. While running through his computer , I have discover that Tan Eujin only open the bank account in Hang Seng Bank in September only furthermore with forged bank statements of his and his wife joint account in UOB bank to open a super high net worth corporate banking account.The Scam Parthers and Accomplices ?


I went on to probe. I rang Mrs. Tan also known as Teng Su Ping three times and even has mailed her and Tan Eujin. I just want my money back for what is mine. I am seeking my redress on this issue with anyone in the post of the picture that I have managed to get from. I don’t know anyone of you, but I want to post this on the whistle blower blog all over the world. Be it you are the part of this scam or even association with this scam. I would not avoid to put this to the right authorities to address this criminal. I am giving 48 hours for the rightful guy who is associated to him/her to return my money or all this will posted all over the whistle blower.  I will have to admit my fate and leave to the authorities to investigate on it.High Red Alert to the Scam : Tan Eujin also known as Eugene Tan

Tan Eujin gave the assurance and proclaimed that he will pay, some more with an IOU and PG. He also mentioned that his shareholders are all from rich families and listed status. Now with a claim that say he is on the run (according to his wife), what can I do??? This does not make a single logic to me. This scammer, Tan Eujin and all his associates left me high and dry.

About the Scam ( con’td of last post )

THANK YOU FOR LOTS OF CONCERNED PARTIES AND THEIR viewing and comments, as this whole week there were sign of the mastermind and its accomplice speaking of return monies. As at 5 pm today extension, I don’t see any of the sincerity or intent . I have to do what I need to do. Luis Bojing , the mastermind’s accomplice has express to pay as of Monday to give him by the end of the week ( which is this week). I wish to reiterate I will carry on the post and all who are concerned and involved you may look up in the the following links at the same time with effect from Monday 23rd January 2017 2000 hrs post. 

Continued from last post.Whistleblower

During several processes of negotiation, they claimed that their home base is in Singapore, they would need a company in Singapore to receive the investment fund of 5m USD which I have to purchase machinery for my China subsidiary company. Justin showed me the wechat, SMS messages and email trail of The Mastermind, Tan Eujin requiring a security deposit of USD$ 100,000.00 in order to process the investment loan from Goodwater International Holdings Limited.

All with lieu with the negotiation, we come to an agreement to escrow the USD$100,000.00, which I have took a over draft loan from the bank against the company. I have enlisted my business partner, Republic SC Pte Ltd , Mr. Loi to enter into an agreement through a designated solicitor , Robert Wang & Loo LLP which is mandatory by Mr. Tan Eujin .


We enter into the agreement with tri-parties, engaged with Solicitor and with all the Notary Public office. We wired the escrow amount accordingly to the Solicitor, in the wait for about 10 days. For some unknown reasons to me, the Solicitor informed the agreement to be void. Thereafter, the Solicitor refunded the amount to my Singapore partner, RSC. However, Justin claimed that Mr. Tan Eujin informed him to ask us to just wire the security deposit into Goodwater International Holding Limited. He further even bring out characters like Eujin is very well-connected to UK Sovereign fund – Pigeon Barrel Limited headed by James Corden and US tycoon namely Luis Bojing and Simon Stall. After consulting with legal assistance, Mr. Tan Eujin even further signed an IOU and Personal Guarantee (PG) to RSC and my partner.



High Red Alert to the Scam : Tan Eujin also known as Eugene Tan

To whom it may concern,The Whistleblower

I am creating this with my first attempt with the help of the world wide web and the power of social media exposing this scam in public of this person , hoping those who knew his whereabout or presence please contact me , I would reward handsomely for this information. QUATOLOOS,

TAN EUJIN , Singaporean , Age : 45 , NRIC No : S7211680 A , Singapore Passport No : E5768484A .

Primary Address : 151 , Stevens Road , #11-07, The Equatorial , Singapore 257852. Second Address : 45 , Mandalay Road , #11-05, Singapore 308225.


I will have more to fill with lots of pictorial proof and evidence and the write up of this investment scam. It take me a day to fiddle with this. I am adamant to publicize this to every one in the world and ask whoever to assist and alert anyone of this scammer to me . He has signed personal guarantor and IOU to me and absconded missing apparently declared by the spouse , Ms. Teng SuPing ( another accomplice of his in the forgery of United Overseas Bank statement ) which strongly denial of unknowing.

There will be more by the hour and minutes , releasing to the web . I encourage more clicks on this as it will alert the authorities accordingly to the respective actions.

I would love to share with anyone who claim or interest in his wrong doing , and gutless way to return money owed to me . You may reach me at my email :